Thursday, 13 March 2014

7 Best Workout Headphones

Stay motivated while working out, and music is one thing that is guaranteed to keep you so motivated. Dont let your headphone get in the way of your having fun, don't even give way for  shoddy pair of headphones to prevent you from achieving your best workout.Every runner is different, but every runner who runs with music appreciates the beauty of the right pair of headphones.So if you like rocking out to music during your sweat sessions, you'll want some all-star sports headphones that not only sound great but fit great. So, take a look and decide which pair is best for your workout needs.

1) Plantronics BackBeat Go

These lightweight wireless headphones are equipped with small, comfortable earbuds, Bluetooth technology, and a tangle-free cord. With 4.5 hours of listening time, you can get an intense, lengthy workout in, without the nuisance of a cord. The Plantronics BackBeat Go comes with 3 sizes of ear tips and an optional stabilizer, which acts as a hook for a custom, secure fit. The inline controls allow you to take calls, skip tracks, and adjust the volume. These sound-isolating headphones provide pretty good sound quality, but because the buds protrude so much from your ear, they run the risk of falling out during your workout. [Recommended: What You Need To Know About The Internet]

2) AfterShokz

These are not your average headphones. Using bone-conducting technology, the headphones wrap around the back of your head, designed to sit in front of your ear on your cheekbone, leaving your ears open so you can hear everything else. A good model for the multi-tasker, these come with an attached in-line controller (which must be charged) with a mic for cellphone use, as well as volume and song control.

3) JayBird Sportsband Bluetooth

The JayBird Sportsband has consistently been featured on our list of best running headphones, but it's just as effective in the gym. The Bluetooth-enabled headphones connect wirelessly to your music device, making tangled cords are a thing of the past. The Sportsband features premium music & call quality, with warm bass, tuned to “eliminate listener fatigue” during long workouts. They're ofcourse sweat-proof.

4) Philips ActionFit Sports Headband Headphones

They're incredibly lightweight and not too tight, The non-slip headband helped keep everything in place without squeezing.  A little long, but the included cord clip helps keep bounce to a minimum. The ear cushions are detachable and washable, and the whole shebang is sweat-resistant and rainproof. There's no remote on the cable, so you'll have to manage volume and track order from your device.

5) Sony XBA-S65

Sony’s around-the-ear headphones feature in-ear buds and a powerful streaming sound that keeps you motivated throughout your workout. The adjustable over-the-ear loop assures that the headphones won’t fall off during warm-ups and weight workouts, while the in-ear tips continue to drive the bass and block out ambient noise.  The almost five-foot long cord may get in the way, so be sure to put the clip in place before starting your routine (they can be somewhat hard to adjust otherwise). Sweatproof and water resistant, you can clean this pair off at the end of each workout before pack them away in the accompany mesh pouch. 

6) Monster iSport Victory

The most expensive headphones on the list, the Monster iSport Victory are well worth the money. Everything in the robust, durable design is geared to make these ideal for running. The tangle-free cord, secure SportClip earbuds, and waterproof build make them versatile, and it's easy to wash the sweat off them afterwards.There’s a ControlTalk in-line mic with iOS control support that delivers decent sound quality for hands-free calls.

7) Motorola S10-HD

The Motorola S10-HD Bluetooth wireless headphones put the Bluetooth radio, battery, and other electronics in a firm band that goes around the back of your neck while you wear them, and fits snugly to your head. The earphones themselves fit right into your ears, and feature on-ear controls for volume and music playback, not to mention buttons to answer and hang up calls and pair with your smartphone. They're sweat proof and water resistant, and have actually been on the market for a while, so you can score a pair for $68 at Amazon, much less than their original $90 list price. You'll get about 8 hours of continuous play time out of the S10-HDs before you have to recharge the battery.

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